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Max Wolff - Musician and songwriter



For more than 3 decades, I have met the audience here at home and abroad, with my own personal blend of blues, folk and jazzy stuff. My playing style leans towards the music of the great guitar heroes from the 60s and 70s.


In addition to composing my own music, I am also a self taught singer / guitarist and have always been drawn to the music from the “good old days”. I like the soul and character of pure handmade music, and I enjoy playing fingerstyle and slide guitar, both on acoustic and electric guitars.

I am always on the road performing and playing concerts, as well as doing smaller gigs. My audience is found in venues where people truly listen to the music, and in places where the music is meant to make you feel good.

I enjoy playing for people wherever the gig may be.


Max Wolff - solo

Max Wolff - demo mix

Album releases

NEW RELEASE - 8th. March 2023


Max Wolff - Musician and songwriter - Placemaker

My 3rd solo album with self-penned originals in a mix of blues, folk, jazz, and world.

An English-language release with 4 songs and 7 instrumental tracks, where soul and body, text and expression unite. A personal, melodic and varied guitar-based album, elegantly helped along in the studio by skilled and professional musicians from the blues & jazz scene in Aarhus. Listen to it here



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"Got you on my mind"

(MWCD5) 2008

Max Wolff - got you on my mind - Jazz and Blues musician

"I'm Bonafide"

(MWCD3) 2003

Max Wolff - I'm Bonafide nominated as the Danish Blues album of the year

Nominated at Danish Music Awards - Folk 2004 - in the category "Årets Danske Blues-album" (Danish Blues album of the year).

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